You know what?!

You know what, your latest scam panacea, natural, cheap, causing little collateral damage, easily available... it's all the workings of the placebo effect, all preposterous claims only fit for fools that must be protected against themselves and their better judgement, of which they clearly don't got any, entrusted to our benevolent care so we may deploy over them the unique marvels of the scientifically established benefits of its alter ego, the nocebo effect... proven beneficial effects not on patients but on insatiable corporate greed hoarding patents.

Fake News Network: The Ulminati Conspiracy

France is not a country that authorized its physicians, from 1948 to 1977, to chemically poison thousands upon thousands of French mothers for no other reason than the unmistakable sex-appeal of post-war green bills. It was known as early as 1953 that that particularly noxious endocrine disruptor had no effect on women's fertility other than infecting their offspring with far-reaching epigenetic defects (according to some research, epigenetics well on the way to becoming genetically inherited) the consequences of which amount to mass murder and crime against humanity (forced pregnancy, sterilization, in utero sexual violence). Not France, come on! And not the USA. Russia maybe? China who knows? All over the world, millions upon millions... come on!

We know better! Weaken or destroy the immune system. Kill the enemy inside at first sight. Treat the human body and mind as so much meat at which we can slash and slice, chemically poison or irradiate, lymphoma and common cold alike; invent new maladies for old drugs and new drugs for old maladies, make certain to outlaw all competition with a helping hand from local representatives. Then promote torture as the regular cure for most patients driven into our nets since, under our wise guidance and relentless takeover, medicine once an experimental science has become the ultimate snake oil scam, the medical industry carrying out genocide on a planetary scale, whatever science left in it having nothing to do with health or care, let alone healthcare, and don't say it! or be judged in contempt of common sense on which we do have a monopoly. Copyrights, royalties so useful to purchase loyalty.
Get it!
If you don't like stockholders with no shame playing monopoly with your skin, join the GFY club . Don't you dare try to investigate on your own, open your personal trail in the criminal belief that you got a brain and the guts to do it. If you do so you'll end up in jail that we, liberal humanists, enjoy almost as much as bank-vaults and hospitals, for the very simple and obvious reason that we love humanity... that is, screwing the people. We got no shame, and lots of it!