No conflict of interest?

Dutch doctors assessing the value of a collective settlement in the Netherlands 'strongly believe' that it is highly beneficial for Dutch diethylstilbestrol victims; they end their opinion piece declaring that 'we have no conflict of interest'. No conflict of interest? Didn't they just identify themselves as doctors? Maybe they mean 'no conflict of interest' as it suits them to define conflict of interest, which is to say they do not receive payments from Big Pharma, one way or another, for believing strongly what they believe; they don't, don't they? Me neither and whatever the value of the settlement to Dutch victims I myself am convinced that conflict of interest there is, as big a conflict as the legendary elephant in the room, that nobody sees.
Doctors from the 'Netherlands Cancer Institute'... I wonder if those are the dear colleagues of the European legislators who outlawed recently the sale of a mushroom (Trametes versicolor) consumed for its health benefits and sold in the USA as dietary help for patients undergoing treatment for cancer.
Of course 'There is no legitimate scientific support for the idea that mushrooms are medicinal in any specific, eat-them-to-get-better way... .

Turkey-tail mushroom
Trametes Versicolor aka Turkey-tail mushroom

Sure. Obviously. If you say so. Unscientific. But so pretty! And if they have no action and are just a scam based on the placebo effect... so what! What business is it of our politicians to rule over what we should consume to gratify the stockholders whose lobbyists pave the saintly ways and means of said representatives? I know: it's their only business.
And what kind of science is 'the' good science? The kind most vocalized by the puppets of the medical industry, or the kind that at least respects the first principle of medical ethics: 'Do no harm'.
What about this 'Netherlands Cancer Institute', do they practice there the same therapeutics that are described at length in 'The Emperor of all Maladies' by Siddhartha Mukherjee, not too critically, to say the least of a century-long race to poison, mutilate and torture as many human preys as possible.
My own 'no conflict of interest' assessment being that the therapeutics promoted by our latest brand of true whatevers, depositories of all the neurons in the world, not only don't 'do no harm' but use all said neurons to plot the opposite, conspiracy theory or not!
I know it is 'unscientific' to believe that red wine has a beneficial effect on some problems of the urinary tract related to the treatment of COPD, I know that ginger can't be trusted to prevent blood-clots. I know that copper bracelets and magnets have no effect on arthritic pain. I know I am so damn gullible that I am truly ashamed of fuck all! What do I care about the esoteric views of outspoken dummies, nothing! may they rot in their arrogance. I know there was no brain left for me when I came over, and I know who got it all and hide it so well no one would ever believe they got any.
I know. Me too. I know they got no shame, I know I should never doubt they always play a fair game, I know that they know that I don't know because I forgot more than they'll ever know. Screw true science! Screw unquestionable facts! And screw 'no conflict of interest, true scientific' flat-landers!